About Us

Kiffley Homes is centered on the dynamic needs of a growing population. Every element of our commercial and residential housing experience shows that we care about you at through each step.

Our Story

We began with a friend’s request to help with finding a good listing. A few calls and the friend got a spacious space at a throwaway price. She was happy and we were happy that our friend was happy. And then other people started calling. She was spreading the story. So, we realized a lot of people were looking for something more comfortable than what they had. It kept growing until we knew the only way to keep delivering such offerings was to take a bit more control of the houses on offer. That gave birth to our development drive. From small units, we grew into larger units and condos. People have been talking to us about their needs for great office spaces and here we are, actually starting projects for a few.

Our Culture and Philosophy

At Kiffley Homes we combine aspiration, imagination and innovative expertise to create the quality of what people experience in every building.

We believe buildings are more than just materials and structure. Buildings are essential to people’s lives and would always impact lives good or bad.

Therefore the specific needs of dwellers should be well thought out and central to development phases. This understanding is what drives us to keep creating purpose fit spaces that better human daily living-with care for the environment.

Find Your Home Today

Finding the right home or office space can easily become a daunting task. We deploy both our listings and our powerful network to ensure your search is short but quite rewarding.